Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. When is my preschool payment due?

A. Payments are due on the 1st of every month. If you are paying bi-weekly (must get approval from Director) your payment is due on the 1st and 16th of every month. 


Q. When is my contract and payment due for daycare? 

A. Contracts for daycare are due each Wednesday before care is needed. Payment for that contract is due by Friday. You will automatically receive late fees for late contracts and late payments. Payments can be made by check, cash (fill out envelope), or credit card (in office or online). 


Q. How can I pay my preschool tuition?

A. You can pay your tuition by check (write month on the memo line), cash (fill out envelope), or credit card (in office or online). You may also have your tuition automatically deducted from your account. 


Q. How do I get a key card?

A. ANYONE dropping off or picking up your child MUST have a key card. You may come to the office and buy your key card for $10 (cash only). You will receive your $10 back when you return your card. If you are buzzing in you will be given a key card and we will charge your account a $10 non refundable fee.


Q. Where do I get the 'Health Appraisal' forms for the Dr?

A. You may find them on our website in the forms tab.These are due within 30 days of your child's start date. Please have your primary physician fill out and sign this form. These are to be done every year. You may turn them in or have them faxed to CCDC. (989)723-6668.


Q. Where do I drop off my child for preschool?

A. Preschool begins at 8:45am and 1:00pm on the playground. If you get here 5-10 minutes early, you may go and play on the playground until the teachers come out. The preschool teachers are on break from 12:00pm-1:00pm and are not available until class begins. If you need to speak with them before class begins, you may email or send them a message on their Remind 101 app. 


Q. Do the children go outside if it has rained?

A. It is required by licensing that all children go outside twice a day. We will NOT go out if it is 20 degrees or below zero (with windchill). We will NOT go outside if it is raining DURING outside time. 


Q. How do I tell my child's teacher if my child is not coming in?

A. Please call, email, or send a message via Brightwheel if your child will not be attending CCDC. If they are ill (fever, sore throat, cough, pink eye, lice, etc.) you must let us know. If you are not bringing your child in because Grandma is visiting (for example), please let us know. This is also for licensing purposes. It also helps with scheduling purposes if your child will NOT be attending that day.


Q. Where do I sign my child IN/OUT?

A. We recently started using Brightwheel, a tool for classroom management, communication, photos, videos, hands free check in and out, and much more. Brightwheel is the industry leader in early education, proven to save time for staff, allowing for measurably more time with students, while also delivering a much better experience for parents. With new COVID 19 guidelines and heath check requirements Brightwheel will allow us to log their temperature and parents may leave messages about their child's health. Parents will be required to clock their child in and out with just a click of a button on your personal cell phone. WE WILL NO LONGER BE USING THE REMIND 101 APP. All parent and staff communication will be through Brightwheel. Please be patient with us as we learn this together.


Q. I have questions about the Brightwheel app. Where can I find info about that?

A. You can find "how to" parent guide videos by clicking here. Please be patient with us as we learn this together.


Q. Where are the classroom Wish Lists?

A. You can find the classrooms and office Wish Lists on each webpage under the Parent Portal tab.


Q. Do I still get MY Kroger points if I add CCDC to my Kroger Plus account?

A. YES. This will not effect your gas points in any way. This will just help us earn money for special supplies. General questions about the program can be found here: 


Q. If my child is in the Daycare/School Age or Toddler room, how do I get my new credit coupons?

A. ALL 2019/2020 credit coupons are available in the office. All parents must sign for them. Credit coupons are only for families who have children in our daycare/toddler/school age. 


Q. Where do I find my child's folder?

A. School age folders are located to the left of the gym doors as you are exiting the gym. Toddler folders are located outside the toddler room door. Preschool folders are located outside of the classroom doors. Pre-K Daycare folders are located on the door to the classroom. Daycare folders are located at the ends of the lockers on the wall. Please check your child's folder EACH DAY. Your child's folder contains important and often time sensitive materials. 

Q. How do I fill out a registration form?

A. Please download/save the correct form to your computer. You must have the latest version of Adobe. Fill out the form and SAVE IT AGAIN to your computer. If you do not save your information, you will be sending a blank form. Open your email account and attach the form to an email to: Return to the payment section to complete payment.

Q. Can I fill out the registration form on my phone?

A. Yes. Instructions that follow are for Apple devices only. Please download the Google Drive app to your phone. Locate the correct form and click on the arrow to open it. Click on the "action/share" icon at the bottom middle of your screen (looks like a box with an arrow at the top). Scroll through your icons until you locate your Google Drive icon. Save the file. Open the file and fill it out. Save when done. Click the overflow icon at the top right (3 dots) and from the dropdown menu select "send a copy". From here you will select your email icon and send to: Return to the payment section to complete your payment.



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