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Our qualified teachers and staff (preschool and daycare) meets and/or exceeds all of the qualifications required by the State of Michigan Department of Human Services, Bureau of Family Services. Appointments may be made with your child's teacher to discuss your child's progress. If at any time you have questions about the program or the center in any way, or about your child, please contact the Director or your child's teachers,

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Lisa Mowl: Director
Emily Hall: Assistant Director & Pre-K Preschool
MegaKovach: Visual Communication
Sam O'Brien: Kitchen Manager
Candie Flatter: Daycare
Brooklyn Fields: Daycare & Toddler

Makayla Thomas: Toddler
Alyssa Crane: 2-Day & 3-Day Preschool
Johnna McBroom: 2-Day & 3-Day Preschool
Lizzie Scott: Pre-K Preschool

Cryselin Selleck: All Rooms
Olivia Bierwirth: All Rooms


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